Expert Water Well Pump Sales and Service

submersible water pumpHaley’s Pump Service is an experienced provider of repairs and installation of reliable and safe well water systems for your home and your family’s needs.

Whether you need a submersible pump, which is fully sealed and completely submerged underwater before pumping occurs, or a jet pump, which pulls water from the surface – we’ve got you covered. Our experts at Haley’s Pump Service can provide you with detailed, honest, and thoughtful recommendations for what pump is best for your application.

We carry high quality brands like Goulds and Jacuzzi, but our technicians are experienced when it comes to both service and installation for a wide variety of single phase and three phase submersible and jet pumps.

Emergency Pump Service

We’re here for you around the clock to answer any questions and perform any service needed when it comes to your well water pump needs. We understand the importance of immediate response when you have an unexpected well pump failure or are out of water, so our experts are on call 24/7 to be there when you need us most.

24/7 On Call Emergency Pump Service - Call 503-647-9057

Water Well Booster Pumps

Water well booster pump hillsboroA water well booster pump is used for just what it sounds like – boosting water pressure when it lags.

Do you need better water pressure to enjoy a shower that doesn’t sputter?

Or maybe you’re tired of waiting for your washing machine to finish its cycle. For residential and commercial customers – if you have unacceptable water pressure, a booster pump from Haley’s Pump Service could be just what you need to meet your demands for better and more reliable water pressure.