Quality Water Pressure Tanks & Repair Services

well water pressure tank hillsboroHaley’s Pump Service can provide service, installation, and repairs for water pressure tanks of all kinds. We will also happily recommend the best water pressure tank for your well system.

Well systems use well pumps that are capable of pumping large amounts of water to the appliances throughout your house. However, with frequent use and from rapidly and unnecessarily turning on and off, well pumps can fail prematurely. By using a pressure tank, water can be used leisurely over long periods of time with the pump then running for a short amount of time to fill the tank again.

The way a pressure tank functions is simple, there are 2 chambers – one with air and one with a diaphragm that holds the water. The 2 chambers are separated, and kept under pressure to allow water to be distributed on demand, when the pump is engaged the tank is refilled with water.

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When it comes to water pressure tanks Haley’s Pump Service offers:

  • Above ground water pressure tanks
  • Bladder style water pressure tanks
  • Diagnostic testing for water pressure tanks
  • Diaphragm style water pressure tanks
  • Expert water pressure tank service and repairs
  • Fast installation
  • Water pressure tanks with up to100 PSI max working pressure
  • Residential & Commercial Water Pressure Tank Service for Hillsboro and Surrounding Areas.

When a pump turns on, it’s absolutely crucial that your water pressure tank is in good working order. Without a properly functioning pressure tank, the electric pump in your well frequently starts and stops. This overuse can burn and damage the motor’s components, risking pump failure and the costly repairs that follow. A working pressure tank allows for water storage to ensure that when the pump does turn on, it stays on before turning off again – preserving its longevity and saving you money.

Our experts at Haley’s Pump Service provide service and installation for water pressure tanks of all sizes. We sell the Well-X-Trol brand of tanks, but we provide service options for any make or model. For more information or for an estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us.