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At Haley’s Pump Service, we know your time is valuable so that’s why we pride ourselves on selling the most dependable brands and our expert service technicians to keep the water flowing no matter what type of irrigation system or pump setup you have working for you.

Stop in, and you will find you the right model to fit your needs and maximize efficiency. We carry and service most major brands like Berkeley, Cornell, Crown, Goulds, and many others.

We can also take care of your accessory needs like suction lines, foot valves, check valves, primer pumps, and suction and discharge adapters. Our design services will help you get exactly the system you need to fit your application.

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line shaft turbine pumps hillsboroLine Shaft Turbine Pumps

A line-shaft turbine pump is one of the longest lasting and most maintenance free type of pumps, which makes them a popular choice for our agricultural and industrial customers.  Driven by a hollow shaft motor that sits above the surface, the turbine pump is submersed in an open body of water or well. The hollow shaft motor and turbine pump are connected with shafting running from the motor to the pump.

Here at Haley’s Pump Service, we specialize in removing, rebuilding and re-installing small, medium and some larger sized turbines.

If you are having issues with an existing line shaft turbine pump, we can rebuild or replace the pump, so that we can have your pump ready to set back into the well as soon as possible so you may continue to use your well as needed.


Deep Well Submersible Pumps

deep well submersible pumps hillsboroMore and more, well water applications typically make use of a submersible well pump since they have two distinct advantages over old style above-ground jet pumps.

First, since they are submerged in the water they are pushing the water up and out instead of drawing it up.

Second, due to the use of multiple impellers to pump the water out of the well, they end up being more efficient and deliver a higher flow rate and more pressure with less horsepower.

At Haley’s Pump Service, we offer new installations as well as emergency repairs on submersible pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps

centrifugal pumps hillsboroAt Haley’s Pump Service, we have many years of experience dealing with high quality irrigation pumps.  For the repairable models, our repair shop is capable of servicing all of your pump needs.  We stock hundreds of parts to get you back up and running fast so come in and let us show you the difference of how a good, quality pump can SAVE you money over the long haul instead of costing you time and money with inferior models out of the “Big Box” stores.

Irrigation pumps should be maintained regularly and many can be rebuilt once they start to go bad.  Of course, starting with a quality product usually means a rebuild is possible while inferior products do not offer replacement parts and are simply “throw-aways”.  Higher end products manufactured by Berkeley, Cornell and Goulds tend to need adjustments and packing to ensure they operate to full efficiency.  This should be done each year at the start of water season.

With irrigation pumps, since they sit above ground, they do need winterization.