industrial pump system hillsboroAre you looking for an industrial pump system for your commercial application? Haley’s Pump Service can help out with a complete design, supply and installation of a system tailored to meed your needs.

Whether you need a sewage lift or pump station to pumping wastewater or sewage from a lower to higher elevation, or a prefiltration system to protect treatment processes from contaminants entering from outside the system, we look forward to working with you.

Industrial facilities demand only the best product quality, efficiency, full system design and unit performance, and at Haley’s Pump Service we are proud to say we provide all of the above and more.

We work with engineers, developers, and major industries to develop and supply site-specific package pumping systems that incorporate all required and specified structural, mechanical, electrical, and communication equipment for each system.

We supply high-quality equipment from manufacturers like Berkeley, Goulds and Cornell.

Our local pump and electric motor repair facilities can restore your pumps and other industrial equipment to work like new.

When it comes to rebuilding pumps or motors we can offer a short turn around time and guarantee performances on any products we repair.

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